Skyrim Problems

Every time I play Skyrim, I tell myself I won’t fall in love with Brynjolf.


They know I love accents D:

Me: Oh no. OH no.
Mom: ...?
Me: Oh no. ohnoohnoohnoohnoohnoOHNO!
Mom: You're playing video games again, aren't you?
Me: They turned me into a vampire. I DON'T WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE.
Mom: Yep, playing video games.


I used to be an adventurer like you… until i took an arow to the knee

Yes. Yes. Just, yes.


I used to be an adventurer like you… until i took an arow to the knee

Yes. Yes. Just, yes.


So, I just recently got my own copy of Skyrim (after having borrowed the game and not played it for months)

And the Music just make me shiver and I was nerding all over the place and AGHHHH.

I think I missed it a little too much. But god am I giddy to play it :]


these damned imperials have gone too far


these damned imperials have gone too far

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This is what one of my readers on sent me xD

Ulfric’s cock is the Tenth Divine
Ulfric’s cock is so glorious that it knows the Thu’um
Ulfric’s cock is so glorious that whenever he comes his cock shouts “FUS RO DAH”
Ulfric’s cock has its own surname. Cock Stormcock.
Ulfric’s cock is the Dovakhiin nobody knew about. It was Ulfric’s cock Alduin was really looking for when he entered Helgen.
It was Ulfric’s cock that nearly shouted High King Torygg to pieces. Ulfric just wanted to talk.
There are two major towers in Windhelm that can be seen from the sky: the Palace of the Kings, and Cock Stormcock.
The Thalmor consider Ulfric’s cock an asset, but they haven’t been in touch with it in a while.
Make it quick. Ulfric’s cock is very busy.

xD! I don’t know if she came up with that on her own, but it was brilliant and made me laugh my ass off.

Skyrim Horror

Yes, I write as well as read Skyrim fan-fiction.

And, having nothing better to do, I decided to go through the list of stories and clicked on a certain one (Though I won’t mention why) and I found myself infuriated.

Not only was it bad-not the worst I’ve ever read, however-but they couldn’t even get the simplest things straight! When you’re pretty much copy/paste-ing dialogue from a video on youtube or whatever, you have the subtitles right there, it spells everything out for you!

Yet there was such horrible spelling mistakes like soveirgngard (Sovngarde), as well as NPCs names that weren’t even close.

I just felt like I’d been beaten because this was allowed. Maybe, just maybe, if this person had some guidance with the story, it’d have a good plot. BUT THE FACT THAT PEOPLE APPLAUD THE WRITER FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE? It literally put me into a rage.


Them Nord Men

I don’t know what it is about those Nord men coughcoughFARKAScoughcough, but they know their way to a woman’s heart. And you know what that way is?

BY BASHING IN THE SKULL OF YOUR ENEMIES. Unf, let me just take you right then and there, okay?

Maybe it’s a primal thing about watching men fight? I don’t know, but watching any hot male character just crit hit your foe is an instant swoon. It doesn’t happen often enough, sadly :’[